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Payday Loans in Georgia

Online Payday Loans in Georgia


Why Apply For Payday Loans in Georgia?

It’s not easy to find a proper lender in Georgia, because of such strict state policy on payday loans. Unlike personal loans from traditional lenders, payday loans are fast and easy to acquire. Unless someone has a good credit score, loans from the bank or credit union are unavailable to them. Payday lenders are making cash loans available to Georgia residents, but only a few are accredited by the state to do so. Small cash loans are available in Georgia in the form of installment loans, though.

How Do Our Loans Work in Georgia?

There is this opinion that payday loans in Georgia are generally illegal. Well, payday loans are legal but a form of installment loans regulated by rather firm state law. In Georgia, a licensed lender cannot charge more than a 10% interest rate on a loan of $3,000 or less. Installment loans are available and have a much wider use than payday loans since the lenders do not have to be so strictly regulated.

Where Can I Get A Payday Loan In Georgia?

You can apply for a Georgia payday loan in-store, but then you might waste your time on searching for one and then driving to it, and even waiting in line upon arrival. Online loan offer gives you an opportunity to borrow money from the comfort of your home. This way, you can apply for an installment loan as well.

The Procedure of Online Payday Loans in Georgia

In most states, it’s very easy to apply for an online payday loan. Just fill in a short form, wait for an almost immediate response from our direct lenders and pick the offer that better suits your needs. Sign the agreement with the lender and get your funds. But since short-term loans are regulated by the state of Georgia, additional rules may apply.

Georgia Rates and Terms

All the lenders in Georgia must be licensed by local authorities for their lending practice to be legal. And those are not many. The installment cash advances are available though. An interest rate of $3000 installment loan (or less) can’t be higher than 10%.

Can I Borrow Payday Loans with Bad Credit in GA?

Almost half of the US population has less than good credit. It is crucial that people have access to fast loans with clear conditions for emergency purposes. Bad credit is not a problem if you can otherwise prove your ability to repay the loan on time.

Direct lenders do not perform hard credit checks and almost never do credit inquiries. This way you are not risking worsening your credit score by applying for a payday loan.

How Much Can I Borrow?

You are allowed by the state to borrow up to $3000. But the exact amount largely depends on the size of your monthly income. The most crucial condition for Georgia payday loans is the borrower’s ability to repay the loan from their next monthly income portion.

Am I Eligible For A Payday Loan In Georgia?

In order to be eligible for Georgia payday loan, you must meet certain conditions. It’s important you:

  • Have a US citizenship or resident status
  • Are 18 years old and older
  • Have an active checking bank account
  • Have a permanent address in Georgia
  • Have a monthly income that can cover the loan amount you are requesting.

What Do I Need to Apply for a Payday Loan?

Supply for a loan with us all you need to do is to fill in the online application. It won’t take you more than 15 minutes. Please have all the necessary documents at hand, so you won’t have any difficulty filling in your details.

Also, carefully consider the amount that will be sufficient for you to cover your emergency cash needs but also small enough so you could repay it with ease. You don’t need to present perfect credit scores because we are not running your details through credit bureaus when you apply for a personal loan with us.

Online Application Steps in Georgia

There are a few small steps you need to take to get your payday loan. It’s as easy as this:

  • Fill in our online application form
  • Wait for almost instant approval decision from direct lenders
  • Pick the offer you see most fit
  • Reach the agreement with the lender
  • Wait for the cash to be deposited into your account the same day or the next business day

How Soon Can I Get The Funds to My Bank Account?

The Georgia payday loans are fast, extremely fast. Usually, it will take you up to one business day to see the funds deposited into your checking account. But if you are done with all the formalities before noon, you can see the cash coming in the same day.

How The Due Date is Determined

You will have to establish the exact due date with the lender and make sure it is written in the contract. Generally, the due date for a payday loan is your next payday.

What If I Don’t Pay On Time?

When applying for payday loans online it’s important to remember that in case you won’t be able to return them your credit history will be put in the TransUnion credit report so in the future credit unions might not deal with you.

What specifically happens when you fail to repay your payday loan on time is described in your agreement with the lender. For obvious reasons, it’s better not to let things come to this and only borrow responsibly.

Repayment Options of the Payday Loans

The state of Georgia has very strict limitations on payday loans. Repayment of online loans has to be discussed with the lender. As a rule, small loans are only allowed in the form of installment loans returned in monthly payments. Those loans are usually used to cover an emergency expense and the lender offers installment loans to make them more affordable.

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Technically it’s possible to receive the funds on your checking account the same day as you apply for a payday loan but for that to happen you must apply in the morning and be done with all the formalities by noon.

Since online direct lenders run no credit check when you apply, it doesn’t really matter how bad your credit history might be. The most important thing is for you to be able to pay back the loan you are getting.

When it comes to online payday loans there is no guarantee that you will be approved for one. There are different conditions that might not be followed through. Such as mistakes in the application or the loan amount is too large. Generally, the approval rate is extremely high, allowing us to call those loans guaranteed.

When instant approval is mentioned it merely means that the approval decision on your loan will be taken by the land instantly and you will be informed of that decision in a matter of minutes.

Since payday lending is strictly regulated by the local authorities the only available option remains to have an installment loan with a very low APR (see rates for installment loans above).