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Sporting Events Tickets Financing

Sporting Events Tickets Financing

Sporting Events Tickets Financing

Table of Contents

  1. Use Sports-sponsored credit Cards as a Payment Method
  2. Check Family Nights Offers for Discount Tickets
  3. Top Services that Sell Tickets Online
  4. Take Public Transportation
  5. Buy Merchandise before the Game
  6. Find Cheap Sporting Event Tickets on Craigslist
  7. Access Sellers with no Service Fees
  8. Attend Alternative Sporting Events
  9. Buy Sport Events Tickets from the Box Office
  10. Watch Big Games from Home

Who wouldn’t want to purchase event tickets at reasonable prices? Sporting events, in particular, attract thousands of fans, making buying tickets a more competitive experience. That, in turn, is both bad and good. On the one hand, the demand is typically higher than the supply. On the other hand, sellers compete among themselves, cutting on service fees, accepting pretty much any payment method, or building a new partnership.

For instance, StubHub has partnered up with the financial technology company Affirm Inc., which allows customers to buy tickets on a payment plan. You may be asked for a down payment. Payment plans for tickets that let you buy now and pay later with no credit check are becoming increasingly popular. Read on to learn tips on avoiding high service fees and hidden fees when purchasing sports tickets. Whether you are a football, baseball, hockey fan, you will find helpful information.

Use Sports-sponsored credit Cards as a Payment Method

If you are a real sports fan who regularly attends sporting competitions, consider getting a sports-sponsored credit card to finance tickets. It will bring you numerous bonuses and discounts. You can choose from NFL, NASCAR, MLB, Citi Custom Cash, U.S. Bank Cash credit cards, NHL credit.

When making a credit decision, check if you have to pay an annual fee. Think of your bonuses and discounts in terms of quarters to identify the best deal for you. A good sports ticket payment plan will allow you to attend more games. After a while, you will be able to calculate your average payments accurately.

New customers or repeat customers usually enjoy ticket discounts. Some services will offer you a generous discount on your first purchase. However, you will want to read the terms before choosing a payment option carefully. Make sure to check the paragraph on late fees, as that may dramatically increase your regular monthly payment with the pay over time option.

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Check Family Nights Offers for Discount Tickets

As you may already know, some venues organize family night offers, which encourage sports fans to purchase tickets for the entire family. Thus, when you purchase four or more tickets, you get a discounted price, food, and drinks. For a large amount of money invested, you are entitled to a generous discount.

The trouble with these offers is that you can easily miss out on them. To prevent that, you can contact the box office and ask if any scheduled family nights are offered. Chances are that the company will cut you a discount for your family, even if there aren’t any upcoming package deals. Emphasize the fact that you would like to purchase tickets for your family to attend more events.

Top Services that Sell Tickets Online

Hundreds of websites allow sports fans to secure game tickets, some with a pay-over-time option. For example, when you go with a StubHub payment plan, you can select Affirm due to their partnership. Their payment option allows you to pay off your tickets over several months. When you select Affirm from your account, you can access loans to finance ticket purchases.

The payment is typically deducted monthly from your credit card. And you don’t need to worry about hard to calculate percentages. Your monthly payments will be displayed in real dollars so that you spend less time doing math and more time enjoying a good game. Seat Geek has a partnership with Major League Soccer, and Vivid Seats payment plan is a popular choice.

Each online service has its perks. See below some of the most popular websites where you can find a game ticket when your favorite team is playing.

When making an online ticket request via a form, complete the purchase before the game date. Early bird deals are typically more flexible as far as the seats and payment options are concerned. The closer the game date is getting, the more expensive the seats get, and you may pay more. Opt for safe online services to ensure secure banking and avoid additional payments.

Take Public Transportation

If you can take public transportation to the game, do it. That is one of the smartest ways to save money on sports tickets. You will be surprised how much time and money you can save on account of the stadium size and event scale. The average fee for a parking spot at a typical stadium is at least $15. You also need to pay for gas and spend a decent amount of time in line on site.

Public transport will often cost you $5 both ways while also saving you time and frustration. On top of that, you can have a few drinks and relax at your favorite game. Alternatively, if your friends are also football fans, you can also try carpooling and taking turns paying for tickets.

Buy Merchandise before the Game

Merch is essential to the game’s atmosphere, especially when you’re trying to spark your kids’ interest in your favorite team. However, the interest rates on the merchandise sold at the stadium are high. Selling team T-shirts is a profitable business, with a margin of 50% and more. On the date of the event, you don’t have much choice, so you pay the full price.

To save up on team merchandise, prepare beforehand. You can find cheaper merch by logging into your eBay or Amazon account, at Target or local shops. Budget wise by buying your T-shirts and hats before the game. You may pay 50% less in advance than on the day of the game. The same trick can be used to purchase T-shirts and other items for concerts.

Find Cheap Sporting Event Tickets on Craigslist

sporting event tickets

Craigslist is an excellent place to find discounted tickets. You can save up to $100 on some deals. Getting tickets at a reasonable price takes time and patience. Most people use it as a last resort option when the tickets for a great game are sold out via other channels. Chances are someone else can’t attend the event after all and is selling their tickets for less. To seal the deal, you need to agree on a convenient payment option and complete the transaction.

Beware of counterfeit tickets. The risk with Craigslist is running into the wrong person at the wrong time and losing money. Regular buyers say they need a few months to build up a safe strategy before telling a transparent sale from a suspicious one. Make sure you only make the payments when you are sure you are getting legit tickets from your contact person. It is easy for a con man to create an account and sell counterfeit tickets.

Access Sellers with no Service Fees

When looking for cheap tickets, check for sellers who don’t charge an additional fee for their services. Read the terms carefully and check for a disclaimer that confirms it. Double-check the final amount at checkout. Companies must have this information available to customers. In most cases, a business will advertise, not charging additional fees as it is a deal breaker to paying customers. Some examples include TickPick and TicketClub.

Simply put, if you don’t see a banner announcing there are no hidden fees, that may be a sign there is a service fee added to the cost of the ticket. Advertising that information on their website is subject to the seller’s discretion. Nonetheless, a buyer must be informed of all possible fees before checkout.

Attend Alternative Sporting Events

A big game will cost you more at checkout than a college basketball game, for example. Super Bowl tickets are worth the investment as long as you don’t get into major debt as a consequence. If you’re not willing to resort to companies that offer loans for ticket buyers, you can attend events on a budget. For instance, you can go to a minor league, a preseason game, or a high school sporting event. You may be surprised by how fun an alternative game can be.

If we are talking about basketball, NFL preseason games or summer leagues are a worthy form of entertainment that you can attend at a discounted price.

Buy Sport Events Tickets from the Box Office

As obvious as it may sound, buying your ticket from the box office is the safest way to secure real tickets. The secondary market may not always have the most updated stock details, and you risk ending up without a ticket to the sporting event you’ve been looking forward to. The stakes are even higher when it comes to a Super Bowl ticket.

If you are looking for last-minute tickets, you are more likely to find them at the good old box office than online. Moreover, if you intend to watch the game with more people, you can request blocks of seats and pay less for them. On top of that, direct purchases may save you a decent transaction fee.

Watch Big Games from Home

If Super Bowl tickets are nowhere to be found or no payment plan fits your financial situation, consider watching big games at home. That way, you don’t need to stress out about ticket purchases, credit card transaction fees, banking offers, setting up a sport-sponsored credit card account, etc. With the right company and a wide-screen TV, you can enjoy a big game from the comfort of your home. Buying thematic merchandise beforehand will contribute to an atmosphere closer to a sports venue. Smart sporting events tickets financing is essentially a matter of effective planning.