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30 Ways to Make Money in One Hour

30 Ways to Make Money in One Hour

30 Ways to Make Money in One Hour

Are you interested in paying down your debt or buying something quickly? Well, today I will teach you a lot of ideas for Making Money Quickly. Get your debt and your wallet ready we are going to fix it up now!

Are you looking to bring in some cash without necessarily picking up a new job? Let’s cover 30 sure-fire ways to make money today.

First, I’ll start by saying that this is a “choose your own adventure” type of list when it comes to earning from home or while traveling.

Where do you start to make money fast?

Today we will discuss plenty of free ideas for earning extra money or getting cash online or offline where we will focus on getting returns quickly and easily. If you take advantage of all of these techniques you’ll even learn how to become rich before you know it!

Surveys and Reward Apps

This is a great option if you’re looking for a low cost of entry for quick cash. This is actually the best way to get an extra check fast if you don’t want to pick up any new skills. They just ask you your opinions on everything!

My caveat is that you’re not going to get rich if you sign up for online surveys. However, it’s a quick path to grab extra cash or rewards toward future purchases. Take a look at ALL these websites that will pay for your opinion or receipts:

1 – Rakuten Rewards (formerly Ebates).

2 – Toluna.

3 – Swagbucks.

4 – Survey Junkie.

5 – MyPoints.

6 – i-Say.

7 – OneOpinion.

8 – VIP Voice.

9 – LifePoints (formerly Global Test Market).

10 – MintVine.

11 – CashCrate.

It’s a mixed bag in terms of how quickly you can start filling out surveys so here are some tips:

Don’t look at surveys as a method to make money when you have to cover rent that’s due in an hour. I instead look at this as a decent option if you want to earn gift cards or extra spending money and you have an hour to kill.

Selling Your Time

ways to make quick cash

Selling your time online has never been easier than it is now. For instance, some of these free apps allow you to walk away with cash in your pocket just from delivering groceries or hanging a picture. Others require ultra-specialized, professional skills, but they pay more! Hopefully, you can make a good pitch!

Generally, you’ll be paid on an hourly or per-task rate and you will generally get paid more than surveys but you’ll need to think a bit harder or leave your house. Take a look at some of the credible sites for gig work:

12 – Rover for dog walking/sitting.

13 – upWork for just about every professional skill.

14 – Textbroker for article writing.

15 – Uber for driving.

16 – TaskRabbit for odd tasks and jobs.

17 – Shipt for deliveries.

18 – Takl for deliveries and odd jobs.

19 – Thumbtack for handyman/professional gigs.

Most of these sites do take some time to set up but then when you have some free time you can always command a pretty penny for your time.

If you can get your friend to give you gigs you can avoid the commission these sites charge but really, how many friends do you have? There are billions of people online. Heck, once your online even just owning a car is a great tool for earning an income by running your own grocery-hauling service! If you don’t have a car, no worries, you can apply for an auto loan for bad credit with no down payment and have the chance to earn money through the ways described above.

Sell Your Stuff

A great way to make even more money in 1 hour is to just shed some of the dead weight you have around your house. I recommend this above surveys and selling time.

First, look in your house for some hidden “gold” items. If you don’t have to keep it, sell it! I know I’ve been bad about keeping away presents I don’t really want at Christmas, so you might as well cash them in. Don’t have anything particularly valuable? Don’t worry there is a workaround for that too! Do this to make money quickly using things you might literally be sitting on:

20 – Clean out your closets and get paid with thredUP. (Poshmark and Ruby Lane also aren’t bad)

21 – Get cash for your electronics, games, DVDs, books and more on Decluttr.

22 – Have an unopened, tagged purchase hanging around? Check the return policy to see if you’ll get money back (you’d be surprised how long returns can go).

23 – List nearly anything on eBay (use the local pickup option to save money on shipping).

24 – Use Letgo to sell items locally.

25 – Get quotes for your electronics (laptops and phones) using platforms like Swappa, Glyde or Gazelle. The giant used electronics market places.

26 – Sell your plasma (it’s a good deed where you can get paid about $30 a pop up to two times per week). What’s not to love?

Some people turn selling into business ideas by searching for and flipping items. This is called retail arbitrage. People love to blog about this but, I don’t recommend it here because of these facts:

Negotiating Is the Best Payout

make money fast

Here we go. My #1 recommendation for making money in an hour. Negotiating something. It never hurts to ask to pay less or get paid more.

This is the highest payout you can get for an hour of effort. Simply pay less for an old service, or get paid more for the service you sell. Here’s my list of stuff you absolutely should be negotiating for if you have a spare hour:

27 – Ask for a lower, “introductory” cable rate even if you’re an old customer. It helps to know about the current intro deals your company is offering to new customers and intro deals to other companies. Did your cable provider turn you down? Just cancel and switch. A competitor will offer you anything from a lower rate to a free month of premium service to take your business.

28 – Change your car insurance provider at least every two years to avoid the rate “creep” that occurs. Your ride just got cheaper!

29 – Negotiate your rent. Yes, it’s possible. My advice is to be smooth about it by “swapping” $100 off your bill in exchange for cutting the lawn or taking care of some simple repairs.

30 – This is the big one. Negotiate for a better salary. I bet your boss is wondering why you haven’t already (trust me I am one, I have that though often)! A meeting that won’t even take an hour can increase your check by as much as 5% to 25%. Get a salary survey at GlassDoor then show it to your boss and explain why you think you bring a lot of value to your company. I’ll await your “thank you” in the comments when the meeting is over!

There’s almost nothing you can’t negotiate if you’re bold enough. Yes, you will be told “no” when you live life as a negotiator but to be successful you don’t need a success rate of 100%.

The Make Extra Money Quickly Lightning Round

This section is for you if you just really need to get some quick cash in one hour. Yes, I’m looking at anyone who just needs to work a little extra or offer some services to be able to pocket enough pay to purchase a gift for a member of their family, buy something special for a loved one, cover an unexpected bill or anything else that requires fast money without a big commitment.

How Can I Get Cash in One Hour?

We have a few options here. For example, an hour should be enough time to fill out several surveys online to get cash in your pocket. Or hustle to complete some fast gig on some of the “errand-running” or handyman website I covered up above. It’s possible to even run a few tasks in one hour if they just have one-item pickup/drop-off orders.

A single hour however may not be enough to make money after signing up on a website like upWork or Textbroker because you’ll have to get acquainted with the rules and processes of each website before digging into large, long-term projects.


  1. How can I make money right now?

    You don’t have time to even sign up for an app? I can help you earn income without the need to join. Follow my wait-free, instant tip for getting money fast! One of the best ways to get extra cash in your hand in no time is to send an email or post on social media announcing that you’re available for gigs locally. That means anything. Mowing lawns, cleaning houses and picking up groceries are all on the table. You don’t have to vet people you already know or make an account anywhere. Why try to get a job offer through an app when you can just do work directly for a person you know? Plus, no cut is taken by the gig site!

  2. How can I make $100 a day?

    I don’t love surveys for trying to make in the triple digits daily. They are good for little bouts of money but a whole day is too much. Skills-based platforms like upWork and Thumbtack are better if you are going to earn over $100 per day. Or even just ask your boss for serious overtime. No “professional” skills? This is where I like things like Uber or Shipt because you can make $100 per day if you’re willing to hustle using little more than your car.

  3. How can I make $200 fast?

    The best way to make $200 quickly is to sell a big-ticket item. This can be anything from an old gaming system to some gold jewelry. If your house if full of objects. Guess what? You could even sell $200 worth every day until you run out! No skills needed. If this option doesn’t work, you can always get a $200 loan today by filling out a short application form on our website.

  4. A Warning

    I’ve received a lot of comments from entrepreneurs who’ve learned the hard way that under the table jobs can sometimes act downright shady when payment is due.Ensure you are getting paid in cash and walk away if customers try to offer you payment in the form of gift cards or any other “payment methods” that aren’t cold hard cash. I recommend landing credible, serious clients instead of scraping the bottom of the barrel by becoming a pitch master.

  5. What should you sign up for?

    I always tell people who want extra money to assess their skills and ask for a raise if you have some. If you’re a quick thinker, online surveys offer easy ways to make money. Digital gigs like translating documents or technical writing on platforms like upWork open big doors for ways to earn cash virtually. Computer work isn’t the best option for outgoing types who need money because you’re mostly stuck behind a screen. I like task-based jobs for these types. All you need to do is confirm that your license, age and geographical requirements are all in place before you start making money!