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One Hour Loans for People with Bad Credit

Are you struggling with financial problems? You are one of the many people facing similar issues. For 1-hour payday loans, no credit checks are the main advantage for applicants with poor scores. Whatever emergency you may find, there is a quick way to get the cash you need.

Millions of people have a bad credit rating yet can qualify for an online payday loan. A short-term advance is practical and safe if you use it right. If you are short on cash to meet your basic needs, apply for an online loan in a few minutes and get your money wired to your bank account shortly.

What Are 1 Hour Payday Loans No Credit Check?

One-hour loans are short-term cash advances one gets from a direct lender. One-hour payday loans can help you solve a short-term issue. If you need extra cash to pay rent and utilities, medical bills, or your car and house repairs, a quick payday loan is a good idea. Many payday lenders state their customers also use an online loan to deal with outstanding debts.

There is usually no hard credit check with payday loans. A bad credit score is not an issue for online lenders. They run soft credit checks through means other than major credit reporting bureaus. Thus, it takes them less time to process payday loan requests. Moreover, the rate of approval on short-term loans is high.

Contrary to popular belief, “one-hour loan” doesn’t mean that you get the cash in one hour. With this type of loan you may receive a same-day deposit if you are eligible. If you get a positive answer by noon, you may receive a direct deposit the same day. Cash loans wired in 1 hour are also possible. If you get your loan approved later in the day, expect the money the next business day.

What Options Do I Have for a Fast Loan?

If applying for personal loans is too time-consuming and you are after quick loans, you can consider one of the options below.

Pawnshop loans are fast.

They are similar to payday loans in terms of speed. To take a loan from a pawn shop, you need to use a valuable item as collateral. The bigger the object’s value, the easier it is for you to get a loan at half of its retail price.

Title loans use your vehicle title as collateral.

The most common examples include cars, boats, motorcycles, and trucks. Repayment terms are around 30 days, with convenient interest rates. If you cannot repay the loan according to the terms, the lender gains legal rights over your vehicle. You can use your vehicle while repaying the loan.

Installment loans have a simple loan request process, like payday loans.

You can get a loan offer shortly. However, the loan terms span over several months. These lenders offer no credit check loans and may approve up to $5,000.

Borrowing from friends or family is rarely a good idea.

If you go down this path, make sure you pay back the loan on time. While family members run no credit check, it would be a pity to ruin your relationships because of a loan.

When Should I Take a 1-Hour Loan?

A short-term loan is a smart solution for a financial emergency. For example, a payday loan could help you when your bills are higher than expected, and you don’t want debt to pile up. Another case could be your car breaking down. If you need it to drive to work and pick up your children from school, it makes sense to take a loan and fix the vehicle.

When you need to change some rusty pipes to avoid a plumbing issue, a 1-hour loan could save the day. Borrowing money to pay the rent and avoid being evicted is another serious reason to consider a payday loan. Short-term loans are helpful whenever you need cash fast.

Payday loans are not long-term solutions. They aim at solving short-term emergencies. Traditional loans are cheaper but take more time. Borrowers resort to payday loans when the timing is sensitive, and they need money now.

You might want to consider one-hour loans if you have a bad credit history. Traditional financial institutions rely on credit scores to decide if you are eligible for a loan. 1 hour payday loans have looser terms. If you need a loan and banks reject your application, try online payday loans.

What is the Best Loan for Poor Credit?

Payday loans are popular among people with bad credit. Banks and credit unions would reject a loan application from someone with a low credit score. They would be more open to a loan secured by collateral or one in which a co-signer would vouch for you. You can access cash advance loans even with a bad credit score.

The main difference between traditional financial institutions and payday lenders is how they check your credit history. Banks pull your full credit report. They also report back that you have applied for a loan, which affects your credit score. Payday lenders only perform a soft credit check. That means they do not pull reports through credit bureaus, nor do they report to them when you apply for a loan.

Most lenders have similar interest rates, varying by state. Payday loans come with a flat fee between $15 and $30 for every $100 borrowed. Thus, for a $300 loan at an interest rate of $15, you would have to pay back $345. Lenders expect you to repay the total amount from your next paycheck. Repayment terms for payday loans range from two to four weeks.

Why Apply for One-Hour Payday Loans with BCCA?

BadCreditCashASAP is an online referral service. We connect borrowers with trusted direct lenders. As a result, one request reaches more lenders who compete for your business.

With BadCreditCashASAP, you can apply for a cash loan online by completing an online loan request form. We ensure a secure connection at no extra cost. That means your data is safe throughout the entire application process.

Direct lenders go through requests fast. As a result, you get an almost instant decision on your online payday loan online application. Moreover, online loans don’t need faxing. A direct lender or lending partner accepts document scans. Once your application is approved, you receive the funds in your checking account the next business day. The same process takes much longer in the case of a traditional bank loan.

What Are the Requirements for a 1-Hour Loan?

A direct lender offering a one-hour payday loan has fewer requirements. Thus, you can get approved quickly. Compared to a traditional loan, a cash advance does not require hard credit checks. To qualify for a 1-hour payday loan, you must meet the following minimal requirements:

  • Are at least 18 years old
  • Have a viable source of income
  • Are a citizen or permanent resident of the United States
  • Have a valid contact number and email id
  • Have a valid checking or savings account

Unemployed people can also apply for one-hour payday loans as long as they have a steady source of income. If an applicant receives social benefits or alimony, they may get approval. Unemployment payday loans are not available with all the lenders, though. It’s up to the lender to decide if they can approve a loan request from an unemployed individual.

Please note that some states may impose additional requirements or limitations. They apply to quick payday loans online or offline. All direct lenders must operate according to state laws. For that reason, it’s a good idea to keep updated with the latest regulations relevant to 1-hour payday loans.

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I Need Quick Cash. How Do I Apply for Same-Day Funding?

Applying through BadCreditCashASAP is easy and safe. There are three main steps that you need to follow:

  1. Fill out the online request form and submit it. Select the loan amount you need and add your details.
  2. Get a response. The lenders evaluate your eligibility. If one of them approves your request, they contact you. You should have an answer in 60 minutes max. Read the loan agreement before signing it.
  3. Get the deposit in your bank account the next business day after approval.

Before applying:

  1. Estimate how much money you need.
  2. Calculate if it’s comfortable for you to repay the entire amount within a short time frame.
  3. Remember that a cash advance is only a quick fix for an urgent issue.

If you need a long-term financial solution, you may want to consider a traditional loan or tapping into your savings account. Credit counseling has long-term benefits. They are ideal if you have credit difficulties or overuse 1-hour quick loans.


Yes, you can obtain a guaranteed short-term loan if you qualify. Loan providers first need to evaluate your request before approving it.
Apply for a one-hour payday loan. Direct lenders usually conduct credit checks via alternative means. They don’t take long and do not affect your credit score. The credit check process is fast.
Your credit score is not usually a decisive factor when applying for a cash advance. Lenders consider your regular source of income and your eligibility for a small loan request.
Direct lenders charge between $15 and $30 for each $100 you borrow. Small payday loans online with no credit check may charge you an origination fee. Short-term cash loans may carry other costs. Consult your contract to see the credit implications.
Yes, you have good chances to get approved for 1-hour direct deposit loans in minutes. Having a poor credit score is not an issue. Direct loan providers don’t need traditional credit checks to make credit decisions. That’s why they can make loan offers even to applicants with low credit scores.
You have two main options:
  1. apply for 24/7 loans for bad credit online;
  2. apply at a storefront location in your area.

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